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Frequently Asked Questions


Why did UW change from WebCT and BlackBoard to Desire2Learn?
Increasing licensing and support costs for the two existing course management systems prompted UW-System to move to a single product. Several CMS vendors responded to a UW-System RFP, with Desire2Learn being chosen after a thorough investigation and scoring process. The service is called "Learn@UW."


Who can I contact to get training or initial help with Learn@UW?
Faculty and staff should contact their local instructional technology support staff for assistance.


Who do I contact with help questions once my course is running?
To seek technical support, report a software problem, or request a feature, fill out the problem reporting form. For immediate technical support, please call the DoIT Help Desk at 608.264.HELP (4357) or access Help Online.


Can students and faculty share files with each other in Learn@UW?
Yes. The new system has a “DropBox”. This tool allows students to submit files or assignments that only the instructor has access to. Additional file-sharing capabilities will be developed in later versions.


Can instructors give students PowerPoint and Word documents using Learn@UW?
Yes. The “Content” tool can deliver many file formats, such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, as well as audio and video clips. There is no need to save PowerPoint or Word files as Web pages.


I already have a web site. Can I use my existing web site in Learn@UW?
If your existing Web site is live on a Web server, you can link to your site from within your course. You can also upload your site directly into Learn@UW quickly and easily.


How do I request a Learn@UW course ?
Contact your local site administrator for information on how to request a course.

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